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OVI checkpoints were first used in Ohio in July 1989, and the United States Supreme Court ruled them legal in 1990 - as long as they followed certain guidelines. Some would contend, however, that sobriety checkpoints violate the Fourth Amendment. Others argue that they are an essential part of the checks and balances system, and that they make the roads safer.

Effectiveness of OVI Checkpoints in Columbus

Sobriety checkpoints are used to deter drunk driving, track drunk driving, and prosecute drunk drivers. Despite the difficulty of quantifying deterrence, detection and punishment can be calculated since records of the number of people charged with drunk driving at each DUI checkpoint are held.

In Ohio, only a small percentage of drivers stopped at DUI checkpoints are charged with DUI or OVI. While the installation of DUI roadblocks in central Ohio does not result in the identification or prosecution of many drunk drivers, it does annoy hundreds or thousands of others.

Are DUI Checkpoints Placed at Random Locations in Columbus?

Ohio state police use random checkpoints to identify drivers that are suspected of driving while intoxicated. Field sobriety checks are used to determine if a suspected drunk driver was driving while intoxicated.

The site of the actual OVI checkpoint, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, must have a long history of drunk driving or alcohol-related injuries. This necessitates the use of a checkpoint at a particular venue, implying that sobriety checkpoints aren't entirely random. Convenient.

Criminal Defense Strategies for DUI Checkpoints

A DUI/OVI lawyer will examine related sobriety checkpoint documents & records to see whether the stop was conducted in accordance to Ohio state's guidelines. As OVI attorneys, we'll look for any evidence that can be thrown out.

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