Allegations and Filing Sex Crime Charges

Being accused of crimes such as sexual assault and rape can cause an individual to enter an extremely turbulent time in their life. Sex crimes carry serious stigmas, and allegations can cause a person’s reputation to immediately become tarnished. In addition to being subject to the court of public opinion, the alleged offender may also find themselves in a court of law. According to Ohio state law, defendants who are accused of committing sex-related crimes only have a finite amount of time that they can be prosecuted for the alleged crime. In addition to this, prosecutors (and NOT the accuser) are the ones who possess the power to drop criminal charges. Once criminal charges are filed, the prosecuting attorney will only have one goal in mind: convicting the defendant of the alleged crime.
Allegations and Filing Sex Crime Charges

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Being accused of committing a sex crime is something that requires legal attention as soon as possible. Even false allegations can be life-changing, and if you expect to make it through this process with your freedom and dignity intact, you will need a criminal defense lawyer who understands what you are going through. For quality legal representation, choose Sabol Mallory LLC.

You can count on our law firm to provide you with the litigation consultation you need and deserve. Led by experienced attorneys Dan Sabol and Chase Mallory, these legal experts have received local and national attention for their expertise and ability. And with a proven track record for providing clients with favorable outcomes, you can count on our law firm to provide you with a legal defense that serves you well in a court of law.

Prosecutors and investigators are actively trying to put you behind bars and make an example out of your legal troubles. Waiting and hesitating to hire a criminal defense attorney can cause you to waste precious time that could have been spent working on your defense. Make sure you give yourself the best chance at success by getting in touch with our law firm today. Serving Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Bexley, Grove City, and other communities located within or near Franklin County, we are ready to work with you. Call us at 614-300-5088 or visit our online contact page to schedule your free consultation.

Overview of Allegations and Filing Sex Crime Charges in Columbus OH

● Statute of Limitations on Filing Sex-Related Crime Charges

● Dropping Sex Crime Charges

● Resources Related to Allegations and Filing Sex Crime Charges

Statute of Limitations on Filing Sex-Related Crime Charges

Before understanding how the statute of limitations applies to sex crime charges, we must first learn the definition of this term.

Simply put, the statute of limitations is defined as the maximum allowable of time parties have to initiate legal proceedings after an alleged offense has taken place. In the state of Ohio, there are different lengths of limitations for different types of charges and offenses. Certain cases involving serious crimes such as murder may not have a statute of limitations, whereas the statute of limitations on a case involving a crime like insurance or Medicare fraud may only be 3 years.

According to Ohio Revised Code Section 2901.13, prosecutors have twenty (20) years to take legal action for sex-related crimes such as unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, gross sexual imposition, and compelling prostitution. For rape or sexual battery, typically considered to be more serious crimes, the prosecution has twenty-five (25) years after the crime was allegedly committed to take legal action. For all other sex-related crime charges, prosecutors have six (6) months to prosecute minor misdemeanors, six months for misdemeanors, and two (2) years for felony offenses.

Dropping Sex Crime Charges and Retracting Allegations

Once an alleged victim of a sex crime has contacted law enforcement and filed a police report, authorities will typically begin their investigation and start collecting evidence. The law enforcement officer or investigator who is handling the investigation will provide a detailed report to the prosecution once they have had a chance to thoroughly investigate the claims.

Once the prosecution has a report of the criminal case at hand, he or she will then decide whether or not to proceed with filing criminal charges. It is important to know that the prosecuting attorney is the only person who can decide to drop criminal charges. Even if an alleged victim wants to retract their allegations and cease taking any legal action, this decision is completely up to the prosecutor.

Prosecutors typically decide to file criminal charges and pursue a conviction if they feel as though they have enough evidence to put an alleged offender behind bars. This process highlights the importance of hiring a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The moment a police report is filed, there will be investigators and prosecuting attorneys who are working to collect evidence and do whatever it takes to put an alleged offender in jail. Individuals who believe they may be under investigation need to hire a defense lawyer as soon as they possibly can.

Resources Related to Allegations and Filing Sex Crime Charges

Understanding Statutes of Limitations for Sex Crimes - This link takes you to an article on statutes of limitations for sex-related crime charges. Here, you can learn more about why statutes of limitations exist, how they are applied, and how they differ depending on the alleged crime committed.

The Laws In Your State: Ohio - This link takes to you a page where you can learn more about the laws surrounding sexual violence in Ohio. Here, you can learn more about how the state of Ohio defines various sex-related crimes, how to report sexual abuse, confidentiality laws, and much more.

Ohio Crime Victims’ Rights - This link takes you to the Ohio Crime Victims’ Rights Booklet, a resource provided by the Ohio Attorney General’s Crime Victim Services Section that helps individuals who have been victimized by crime learn more about their rights and how they can recover from what they have experienced. Here, you can learn information related to how individuals can receive compensation for economic loss resulting from a crime, privacy rights, and additional resources that are available to victims of crime.

Sabol Mallory LLC | Columbus Sex Crime Allegations Lawyers

Being accused of a sex crime can absolutely turn anyone’s life upside down. The moment an accusation takes place, there is so much that one can lose. Personal relationships, employment opportunities, and the respect of the general public can all be lost once an allegation has been made and criminal charges have been filed.

Sabol Mallory LLC is here to provide you with the legal counsel you need to make it through a situation involving allegations and filed criminal charges. Our law firm specializes in criminal defense, and we are committed to working hard on our clients’ behalf to provide quality legal representation. Serving Fairfield County, Pickard County, Delaware County, and other communities surrounding Columbus, Ohio, our litigation team is ready to work with you.

If you have been accused of or charged with a crime involving sexual violence, there is absolutely no time to waste. Call our law firm today at 614-300-5088 or visit our online contact page to get in touch with an expert.

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