A Brief Guide to Domestic Violence Resources in Columbus

In 2017, there were over 2,000 reported instances of domestic violence reported to Columbus Police. While domestic violence has been on the decline in our city since 2013, this violent crime continues to plague not only Franklin County but the entire United States of America. Domestic abuse doesn’t only hurt individuals who are in a spousal relationship. It can have a lasting effect on entire families. Between 2016-2017, there were 13,580 reported incidents of child abuse in the Columbus area. 42% of these incidents involved physical violence, and a whopping 9% entailed sexual abuse.

When domestic violence and child abuse takes place, families are left reeling and searching for answers. They need help, oftentimes in the form of a criminal defense lawyer, but in other situations, they may need shelter or support from other women and children who have gone through similar situations in the past. Sabol Mallory LLC understands how essential it is for victims of violent crimes to have plenty of access to resources that can support them during their most vulnerable times. In this blog, we detail a few of the local resources that can be beneficial for anyone trying to escape an abusive lifestyle.

LSS Network of Hope

Formerly known as Lutheran Social Services, LSS Network of Hope is a non-profit organization providing food, shelter, safety, resources, and healing to at-risk individuals in Central Ohio. Reaching 27 different counties throughout Ohio, LSS provides resources to people in need regardless of religious background or beliefs. Since 1912, this organization has helped citizens of Ohio gain access to meals, beds, and support when they need it the most.

LSS CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence is a sector of LSS that is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence find safety and healing from any and all abuse that takes place in their lives. They recognize domestic abuse as a pervasive problem that affects far too many homes and families in Ohio, and their mission is to interrupt the cycle of domestic violence and advocate for social change.

LSS CHOICES offers temporary emergency shelter for individuals (and their children) who have no safe place to go after being victimized by an abuser. This shelter is located at an unpublished location, and it acts as a safe refuge for victims as they begin their escape from any and all abusers in their lives.

This program also offers domestic violence counseling services to survivors of abuse. These licensed professionals are trained to assist victims in their recovery from any sort of trauma or mental anguish they may have endured during their abuse. The program also offers peer support groups where survivors can gain insight and support from other individuals who may have similar experiences.

LSS CHOICES offers a 24-hour hotline. If you feel you are in danger, in need of safety planning, or you would like additional information on how this organization can help you escape a cycle of abuse, call 614-224-HOME (4663).

The Center For Family Safty and Healing

The Center for Family Safety and Healing is a non-profit organization that addresses all aspects of family violence, such as domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, and other violent crimes. Through a combination of public and private resources, this center provides victims and survivors of domestic abuse with the support they need to continue living life.

The Center features a Child Assessment Center, which is a dedicated center that provides prompt and timely medical treatment for children and individuals who may have experienced abuse. In addition to medical treatment, the center also provides its patients with opportunities to receive social work, child protective services, and other resources that allow individuals to feel like they are finally safe from their abusers.

You can get in touch with The Center by calling 614-722-8200. Call 614-722-3278 to reach the Child Assessment Center.

Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization

The Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO) is a non-profit organization providing individual and community support for LGBTQI survivors of hate crimes, discrimination, domestic violence, stalking, and/or sexual assault. Their mission is to eliminate violence perpetrated on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression through education, advocacy, violence documentation, and resources for survivors.

SafeZone training is a large part of the services and resources provided by BRAVO. SafeZone is a free training program that trains Ohio service providers on how to better cater to LGBTQI+ survivors of violence. Any organization that works with domestic abuse or sexual assault survivors are eligible to receive SafeZone training.

BRAVO has a helpline that is accessible to those in need. Call BRAVO at 614-294-7867 or 1-866-862-7286 to speak with a staff member.

Crossroads Recovery Services

Crossroad Recovery Services is a counseling center committed to helping rehabilitate individuals who have had issues with drugs, alcohol, anger management, and domestic violence or assault.

Crossroads offers a professional 40-week program that helps domestic violence offenders learn more about themselves (and the effects of violent behavior), reflect on their actions, and take steps towards recovery in hopes of ensuring that this type of incident never happens again. Crossroads’ goal is to equip domestic violence offenders with the resources and insight necessary to prevent future physical violence.

Crossroads Recovery Services also offers Anger Management counseling to individuals who struggle with emotional control. The goal of this program is to assist participants in reducing the physical provocation caused by anger. Individuals who are a part of this program can expect to learn new coping skills and mechanisms to help them healthily deal with feelings of anger, which will lead to healthier conflict resolution in virtually all aspects of life. Having control over one’s actions is paramount, and people who struggle with anger need help. By working with Crossroads and, committing to their counseling programs, and putting real effort into improved behavior, individuals can expect positive changes to come from their work at the recovery center.

Domestic Violence Resources Columbus, Ohio

Domestic violence in Columbus, Ohio is a serious problem that must be handled, and the time is now. 1 in 4 women will face domestic abuse in their lifetime. Victims and survivors of domestic abuse are silently living in fear and searching for resources that can help them save their lives. If you are a survivor of domestic abuse in Franklin County, these resources can help you find safety, shelter, and healing.

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