Domestic Violence Collateral Consequences


Individuals must keep in mind the collateral consequences that are associated with domestic violence convictions. Rights such as financial aid, firearm ownership, and voting can all be taken away from you upon your domestic violence conviction. This conviction can even stop you from working at your dream job or attending your dream university. Because of this, individuals need to be fully aware of the effects their convictions can have on their futures.

Domestic Violence Collateral Consequences

When individuals are arrested for domestic violence and subsequently convicted of them, they tend to focus on the short-term consequences. This is understandable; there are many fines that come along with domestic violence convictions, and of course, jail time. However, there are many other long-term consequences that are included if you are convicted of domestic violence.

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If you have been arrested for domestic violence or a similar crime, it is important to find legal defense as soon as possible. A conviction has the power to immediately change the trajectory of your life for the worse, and stop you from living a full life. This may seem intimidating, but hiring a criminal defense lawyer can help.

Sabol | Mallory has the experience and legal expertise you need. Domestic violence accusations are never taken lightly, and you need all the legal defense you can get before it’s time for you to take the stand against the prosecution. For more information on how we can help you build your legal defense, call us today at (614)300-5088 to get in touch with a legal expert and receive your free consultation.

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Types of Collateral Consequences of Domestic Violence Conviction

When an individual is convicted of domestic violence in Columbus, Ohio, there are many more consequences they need to be aware of. Though you may already be bracing yourself for a jail sentence andcourt-ordered fines, other consequences may include penalties such as:

  • Loss of firearms - According to federal law, individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence are prohibited from owning a firearm. Many convicted offenders are also barred from ever obtaining a hunting license, too.
  • Loss of professional license - If you are a doctor, nurse, real estate agent, or any other type of professional that had to acquire a license to work in your industry, this may be revoked upon your conviction. In addition to this, anyone who is applying for a professional license with a domestic violence conviction on their record typically go through extensive background checks before they are considered. Some even face immediate declination upon applying.
  • Loss of child custody - If you are in the middle of fighting for custody of your children, a domestic violence conviction will not do you any favors. Having this on your record can cause youto lose custody of your children. If you are currently in the middle of a custody battle with a spouse or going through a divorce, the other party can use this information against you as a way to portray you in a bad light and convince the judge that you are unfit to be a parent.
  • Inability to obtain gainful employment - The average job requires you to submit to a background check,where your potential employer will be able to get a firsthand look at any previous criminal convictions. Having a conviction on your record that is as severe as domestic violence can cause your application to be eliminated from consideration. Depending on your line of work, domestic violence conviction scan also cause you to potentially be suspended or terminated from your current job.
  • Loss of immigration status, and potential deportation - According to Title 8 U.S. Code §1227(a)(2)(E), any alien who is found guilty of a crime involving domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect, or stalking is subject to potential deportation.

Ways to Avoid Domestic Violence Convictions in Ohio

By now, you’re probably wondering how you can avoid the collateral consequences of domestic violence convictions. The bestway to avoid this is to start by fighting the charge itself. Domestic violence convictions can permanently stain your record, so it is in your best interest to start fighting your charges before it is too late.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer is the first step towards achieving a favorable outcome for your case. Violent crimes are taken extremely seriously in the state of Ohio, and it is never smart to enter a court of law without a team of legal experts by your side. Prosecutors and law enforcement officers will be there, and they will be ready to do whatever it takes to put you behind bars and make an example out of you in an attempt to discourage this type of alleged behavior. If you don’t want to deal with collateral consequences, hiring a defense attorney should be the first thing you do after you are made aware of your charges.

Columbus OH Resources for Domestic Violence Conviction Resources

How Do I Find a Job After a Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Charge? - Finding stable employment after being charged and convicted of a domestic violence crime can be extremely hard.This article by Career Trend not only helps individuals with convictions understand the severity of their situations; it also helps them learn what steps they can take to re-enter the workforce.

Domestic Violence and/or Anger Management Counseling- This link takes you to the official website of Geauga County, where you can find information and resources on counseling opportunities throughout the state of Ohio.

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A domestic violence conviction can seriously impact your life and make your future much harder than it has to be. If you believe you are under investigation for a violent crime, or you have already been made aware of charges made against you, it is time to hire a criminal defense attorney.

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